Growing Down in Honduras

There is a common tendency to believe that answering the Mat 16:24 call is most clearly evidenced by a person laying down the comforts of a first world life for the sake of the gospel in the third. While this often results in the most accolades from peers. It is only a beginning.

The next step involves the death of our own significance and maybe our heroic self image. It is a gradual purging of pride ridden assumptions about ourselves and those we claim to serve.

Much of the focus in the contemporary first world church remains on one’s personal identity in Christ. It emphasizes the smartest and most gifted as being the most grounded in their identity and presents them as a model for others. It exalts numbers and size, profit, progress and prophets, healing, signs and wonders. The greater the oration- the bigger the project, – the flashier the show…

…the greater the authority, anointing and commission.

Some even call themselves apostles.

But the kingdom of heaven is upside down. And the apostle Paul referred to himself as the offscouring, the scum of the world, the refuse of all things. 1 Cor 4:13

You’ve probably heard of Mother Teresa.

Meet Mother Maria

We hope that blessed you.

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We love you and God bless.

Brian and Cathy Gray – the elders-

Published by Brian and Cathy Gray

We are former full-time Christian missionaries to Honduras begining a new chapter in Tennessee. Jesus is Lord. He is also Truth. All others must take a back seat. Brian is the writer. Cathy is the editor. Together we are one flesh, one heart, and one mind in Jesus's name. God bless!

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