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Money is monetized lifetime. When you give for the sake of the gospel you are laying down your life.

If you can’t go your self; send us…

We are givers by nature and suffice it to say that fundraising is not our forte. That said our lives depend on it now.

Current start up needs:

  • Living expenses. We need about $250 / month more than we currently receive to cover basic living expenses.
  • A dependable four wheel drive truck.  We live in a safe community but some of our outreaches can land us in some in some pretty dangerous areas where mechanical breakdowns mean robbery and or death. We need to raise $30,000 to get safely on the road.
  • Step 1. Even more than in the 1st world education is the key to attacking poverty and bringing hope for the future in Honduras. We plan to begin by providing educational support to impoverished families so kids can stay in school while also keeping families together. This could mean anything from providing scholarships, school supplies, uniforms or even bicycles to students who far from school.

Thanks for your patience.  We are now legally registered with the IRS as 501c3 non profit corporation.  

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