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Money is monetized lifetime. When you give for the sake of the gospel you are laying down your life.

If you can’t go your self; send us…

We are givers by nature and suffice it to say that fundraising is not our forte. Like George Mueller, we trust in God alone to provide. We trust that your giving is God-guided and God-inspired.

Current needs:

  • We have several outstanding home and roof repairs that are temporarily on hold until December when Josh returns from the US. We need money for tin and nails and hiring Honduran workers who are light enough to climb on the roofs we repair.
  • Honduran roads are brutal. While our trusty Land Rover usually gets the job done, something is always in need of repair. Fuel is another factor especially since some of the communities in which we minister are several hours away.
  • We continue to seek alternative ways to keep kids in school e.g. smartphones, we do not know what the coming school year that begins in February will look like. If schools do open poor families will still need money for uniforms and supplies and in some cases a subsidy to help offset the loss of a farmworker when a child goes to school.
  • Mountain life is hard. Sometimes the people we serve have severe accidents with no real hope of receiving the care they need unless they can pay to go to a private clinic. While the cost is a fraction of what they would pay in the USA and we’ve only had to cover one so far this year, surgeries are often $1000-$2000.
  • Incidentals like paper and markers and art supplies for kids, coffee and bread at bibles studies, and even software are ongoing expenses. We are always looking to be creative. For example, Brian is working to develop an animated online Bible study for families with children. We are always on the lookout for microfinance opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. There is a run-down community soccer field we’d like to repair for the kids, broken footbridges, etc. Still, we don’t want our material provision to become an idol and displace the real reason we are here which is to advance the gospel.

Feel free to designate your giving accordingly.


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