Supporting and discipling at risk Hondurans to understand and walk in their God given dignity of being made in His image and empowering them to empower others to do the same.

The founders

Josh and Paulet Otte

Josh and Paulet Otte are the forerunners and founders of Hope in Time Ministries. Originally from Columbus Nebraska, Josh moved to Honduras in 2016 to serve as the mission director at the IMI City of Refuge in Comayagua Honduras. Josh is a quiet, albeit humorous, ‘get ‘er done” kind of guy. He is a logistical problem solver and a true servant of God. The words “No” and “Can’t” are not found in his vocabulary. Paulet is a strong, pragmatic, bilingually articulate Honduran native with a passion for her people. She is a voice of knowledge when it comes to Honduran culture, our bridge to the Honduran people, and a visionary for Hope in Time.

Brian and Cathy Gray

Brian and Cathy Gray are former full-time Pastors and media managers at a private school for underprivileged children in Comayagua. Cathy is a former Licensed Massage Therapist at the Grand Hyatt Kauai. She is an “interruptible” connector who doesn’t only stop for the one, but everyone. Cathy’s greatest desire and passion are for truth, intimacy with God, and leading others into His presence. Her gentle and compassionate approach to people makes her a perfect relational forerunner on the team. Brian is a former counselor and clinical supervisor for an adolescent substance abuse treatment program. He is the storyteller and bridge between what is happening on the ground in Honduras and those who support us in the USA. Together they share a passion for discipling millennials and Gen Z. Their goal is for their ceiling to become a floor for the next generation.

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